Service and Provision of MenScript

What is MenScript?

MenScript is an online healthcare service in the Netherlands, aimed at providing accessible healthcare for men. We believe in the importance of choice and autonomy in healthcare. Our platform enables men to discreetly and easily access healthcare advice and treatments, ranging from sexual health to skincare and more.

How does MenScript work?

At MenScript, you start with a simple online intake to inform our healthcare providers about your symptoms and medical history. Then, you choose a treatment that suits you, fill in your address and contact details, and place an order. Our licensed doctors and pharmacists review your information. Once your treatment request is approved, it is discreetly delivered to you.

Who is MenScript for?

MenScript is for all men above the age of 18 in the Netherlands who want to take control of their health. Whether you are seeking expert advice on a specific health issue or want access to regular medication, MenScript can help you.

Does MenScript work with certified pharmacies and doctors?

Yes, MenScript works with certified pharmacies within the Netherlands and the EU to ensure that all medications and treatments are safe and regulated.

Do I need insurance for MenScript?

No, insurance is not required for MenScript. We offer transparent prices for treatments, and our services such as medical consultations, repeat prescriptions, shipping, and communication with healthcare providers are included in one clear price.

Are treatments by MenScript reimbursed by my health insurance?

No, treatments offered by MenScript are not reimbursed by health insurance. This applies even if the treatment is prescribed by your own general practitioner. Prescription medications such as 1 mg finasteride, Viagra, and sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) are not covered by health insurance and are therefore always at your own expense.