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Anti-ageing moisturiser

Discover our premium anti-wrinkle cream for men. With powerful ingredients such as Niacinamide, Caffeine, Vitamin C and E, and hyaluronic acid. Packaged in an elegant aluminum tube. Give your skin the best, without the high price tag.

4 x Anti-Ageing Moisturiser 30 - 30ml


Reduces skin-ageing by 24% with daily use.



Read the FAQ for more information on how to use the Anti-ageing face cream and how it protects against wrinkles and skin ageing.

What are the active ingredients?

Tinosorb M. Tinosorb S. Niacinamide. Caffeine. Vitamin E.

What makes this product unique?

What makes this product unique is its high UVA protection and high proportion of active ingredients: Tinosorb S (6%), Tinosorb M (8%), Niacinamide (5%), Vitamin E (3%) and Caffeine (1%). This is guaranteed to be higher than 99% of other products.

High UV-A protection

Sunlight consists of UV-A and UV-B radiation. UV-A causes skin ageing and UV-B causes sunburn/skin cancer. Current products on the market with a sun protection factor (SPF) only protect against UV-B and **barely** against UV-A. What makes our product unique is the fact that the formula was developed entirely by ourselves and we have ensured that the UV-A and UV-B protection are equal. More specifically: our anti-ageing facial cream blocks 97% of UV-A **and** UV-B rays.

Tinosorb S

Tinosorb S is an organic oil-based sun filter with broad-spectrum protection against both UV-A and UV-B. Tinsorb S is 2x more effective than Titanium Dioxide and 3x more effective than Zinc Oxide in protecting against UVA.

Tinosorb M

Tinosorb M is a powerful sunscreen with broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB. It provides protection by absorbing, reflecting and scattering UV light. Tinosorb M is 3x more effective than Titanium Dioxide and 3.5 times more effective than Zinc Oxide in protecting against UVA.


Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B3, and offers anti-inflammatory properties. In a concentration of 5% it reduces, among other things, acne (52%), pigmentation (68%), rosacea (79%) and wrinkles (12%). Please note that niacinamide has only been shown to be effective at 3% and 5%. Our cream contains 5%.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant; it neutralises the harmful influence of free radicals. Vitamin E proves to be especially effective in protecting against free radicals generated by UV radiation. This is also the reason why you will find it in our anti-ageing facial cream.


Like Vitamin E, Caffeine has an antioxidant effect and is also calming. Caffeine has been proven effective in a concentration of 1%. This is why it is found in 1% concentration in our cream.

Why we do not use zinc oxide and titanium oxide

The reason is simple: Tinosorb M and Tinosorb S are a lot more powerful than zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Our anti-ageing cream contains 6% Tinosorb S and 8% Tinosorb M. This gives it a Protection grade of UVA (PA) of 35. Even if a formula consists entirely of titanium dioxide (100%), you "only" get a UV-A PA of 33. In the case of zinc oxide, you need a minimum of 76% to achieve a UV-A PA of 35. It simply impossible to incorporate this into a anti-wrinkle cream that's cosmetically pleasant to use, unless you like putting powder on your face. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are fairly effective against UV-B, but worthless against UV-A.

Is this product free of parabens?

Yes, absolutely

Does this product contain perfume?

No. This is done to reduce the risk of allergies.

How do you use the anti wrinkle cream for men?

You use the anti wrinkle cream at least twice a day. The first time: in the morning on cleansed skin. The second time: 30 minutes after the first use. This means that you apply 2 layers. Research shows this is the best way to do it.

Do I need this product?

Do you want to yourself to keep young and fresh? Then yes, no doubt! Almost all sunscreen on the market focus protecting against UV-B (skin burn/cancer) and NOT against UV-A (skin-ageing). The SPF rating is proof of that, simply because it's used as metric for its protection against UV-B. A sunscreen can have an SPF50 while offering no protection against UV-A at all. This why the PA metric was introduced. Our anti wrinkle cream has has an SPF and PA of 33 to 35. In other words, it protects you against 98% of UV-B and UV-A rays. The majority of SPF moisturisers contain titanium dioxide and zinc-oxide which are, as we've explained above, are more or less useless in their protection against UV-A

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Reduces skin ageing by 24%


Blocks harmfull uv-rays.


Apply generously to the face. A minimum of two times a day.


Within 2-4 months.


Our anti-ageing cream is unique. We made sure of that by making it ourselves. Carefully crafted to aid in your skin needs. Don’t believe us? We have studies to proof it.

Hughes (2013) "The daily sunscreen group showed no detectable increase in skin aging after 4.5 years. Skin aging from baseline to the end of the trial was 24% less in the daily sunscreen group than in the discretionary sunscreen group"
Elmarzugi (2013) "UVA (320nm - 400nm) is the deeper penetrating wavelength more often associated with skin changes of wrinkling, pigmentation and long term skin damage. "
Mukund and Sharada (2016) "Sunlight despite of source of life and energy creating major health chal- lenges like sunburn, pigmentation, wrinkles, dermatitis, urticaria, ageing, immune-suppression and number of skin cancers too."
Shanbhag et al. (2019) "UVA reaches the earth surface and contributes to premature skin-ageing, while, UVB primarily causes sunburn and skin cancer."
Your are more in control in with Anti-ageing moisturiser

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